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Voyage en Chine

Découvrez les merveilles de la Chine en 800 diapositives !

Photographies du voyage (2018) et diapositives : Marie-Odile Franconie
Montage : Dorian Clair / Musiques Epidemic Sound. Deskant : (Heavenly Feathers) Edward Karl Hanson : (Origami Sky, Rose of Sharon) Christian Andersen : (Back to Beijing, Sacred Grounds, The Flap of a Butterfly's Wing, Beyond Kings and Emperors, You Can See Us From the Moon) Saira Ridley : (Pearl Moon, Chronology) Philip Ayers : (Rain Will Fall, Memories of a Distant Land) Leimoti : (Long Distance Lovers, New Rituals, Patience Is a Virtue, In a Field Far Away, Bird's Nest)


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